Gsoc 3rd week Progress

Tushar Kumar Rai tusharrai282 at
Tue Jun 29 16:15:25 UTC 2021

Hello everyone.

Last week the UI was working as expected on Linux but it had few issues
with Windows and MacOS . So the main task this week was to fix these issues.
The issues were fix spacing according to guidelines, removing fix width
values, correcting the position of GtkButtonBox , aligning the GtkLabels,
Now the UI of data providers is ready and functional on all the platforms.
Also dropdown is added in Sort Transformation to select the transformation.
Tooltip is added to Add Button to add transformation.
Thanks to Heiko for resolving few minor issues and introducing GtkPaned for
the splitter.
Please download the patch and provide feedback.

I was also working on fixing transformation issues. Few of these issues are
Sort & Split transformation are not working at all , Delete Transformation
not working as expected . I have tried to resolve these issues locally and
will submit a new patch once the new UI gets merged.
The next task is to resolve other transformation issues and implementing
new transformations.

Tushar Kumar Rai
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