Where are my files?

Dan Lewis elderdanlewis at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 00:55:21 UTC 2021

    You sent this request to the wrong mailing list. It should have been 
to users at global.libreoffice.org. where general questions like yours are 
sent. You sent it to the mailing list for developers, the people who 
work on the code for LibreOffice. I have done so for you. How have you 
searched for these files, and do you know the names of them? Also, were 
you doing something in LibreOffice when it restarted? Have you used your 
operating system to search for the files, or did you just use 
LibreOffice? If you use windows, the files should be in your Document 
folder which is the default setting.

    For others on the mailing list: any replies you make to this 
question should include a CC to zhangyvivian at gmail.com as he is not 
likely yet subscribed to it.


On 6/29/21 5:27 PM, Vivian Zhang wrote:
> Hello.
> LibreOffice restarted and now I can't find the files I have been 
> working on for months now.
> Very upsetting.
> Not pleased.
> Will be happy if you help me find my irreplaceable files.
> Thank you.
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