Integer overflow in Calc lcl_getSingleCellAddressFromXMLString nColumn computation

Kohei Yoshida kohei at
Mon Mar 8 23:00:46 UTC 2021

On 08.03.2021 11:09, Stephan Bergmann wrote:

> On recent master, if I create a bare-bones pivot.ods containing a
> pivot chart (in a fresh Calc document, type "A" into A1 and "2" into
> A2, click into A1, then "Insert - Pivot Table... - OK" and drag "A"
> from "Available Fields" to "Column Fields" and "OK", then "Insert -
> Chart... - Finish", then save):  The resulting pivot.ods "Object
> 1/content.xml" sub-file contains a chart:plot-area XML element with a
> table:cell-range-address="PivotChart" attribute as above, but which
> appears to be nonsense according to the ODF standard as quoted below.
> Maybe some Calc expert can shed some light on what is going on here, 
> and if that
>   <chart:plot-area table:cell-range-address="PivotChart" ...>
> is legitimate, and should legitimately be processed with
> lcl_getSingleCellAddressFromXMLString as is done here.

Added Tomaz to the CC list since (I believe) he has worked on pivot 
chart and may have a fresher memory on this topic.

I myself have hard time remembering the detail around this plot area 
data source address requirements.  I do seem to think that there was 
some weird exception that "allowed" a regular name to be used as a data 
source especially when the data source is not from Calc document but is 
from the internal data provider...  But I wouldn't trust my own memory.


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