proposition for patch in CommonSalLayout.cxx

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Tue Mar 9 20:14:08 UTC 2021

Stanisław Jeśmanowicz wrote
> This is not always the case, because if a platform didn't include
> graphite2 shaper in its HarfBuzz 
> implementaion, you won't have it anyway ( like ./configure
> --with-graphite2=no )
> Even if you set it the shapers list (as in 
> )
> And if graphite2 shaper is implemented, then it will be first (as you can
> see in the harfbuzz code: 
> )
> And generally speaking, hard-coded list in such a case disables possible
> new shapers.

Perhaps the goal was indeed to avoid non tested new shapers in LO that could
bring some havoc.
So by hard coding shapers, you're sure you won't have problems.
Now of course, if nobody ever test new shapers, LO will be stuck with old

Anyway, now you got an account, once you had already submitted your license
I'll put Khaled in cc, he certainly will bring interesting thoughts here.


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