breaking yield loops on forced quit.

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Fri Mar 12 11:16:12 UTC 2021

Hi Noel,

	We've recently had problems with dialogs running in Online Kit
processes that are not cleaning up properly when the process is asked
to quit by the core.

	The proximate fix is/was to hard kill the remote process =)
but - I'd love to do better if possible.

	If you see vcl's:

Dialog::Execute () ...

    // Yield util EndDialog is called or dialog gets destroyed
    // (the latter should not happen, but better safe than sorry
    while ( !xWindow->IsDisposed() && mbInExecute )

	You see one of these:

	while (condition)

	archetypes. Of which there a dozen+ scattered around the code eg.

sfx2/source/doc/printhelper.cxx-                while( m_pPrinter->IsPrinting() )
sfx2/source/doc/printhelper.cxx:                    Application::Yield();

	etc. etc.

	We really want to forcibly exit these loops when we have our
VCL quit flag set cf.

vcl/headless/svpinst.cxx-                // External poll.
vcl/headless/svpinst.cxx-                if (pSVData->mpPollClosure != nullptr &&
vcl/headless/svpinst.cxx:                    pSVData->mpPollCallback(pSVData->mpPollClosure, nTimeoutMicroS) < 0)
vcl/headless/svpinst.cxx-                    pSVData->maAppData.mbAppQuit = true;

	Not least because Application:Yield becomes an instant-return when
we're trying to quit. So - we could add a flag:

	while (condition && !(new Application::mbAppQuit accessor)) 

	to all suspicious looking call-sites.

	Perhaps it'd be nicer to have a:

	Application::YieldWhile([]{ return m_pPrinter->IsPrinting(); });

	or somesuch - so we can add that this just once (?)

	Thoughts appreciated =)


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