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Quan Nguyen quannguyenvan1701 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 12:25:18 UTC 2021


I am writing a unit test for the bug 49819 
(https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=49819) and 
encounter a weird issue. I have restored the code to the state before 
the bug fix but still can't reproduce the bug. Even weirder, I tried and 
succeeded to reproduce the bug once, but it suddenly disappear after a 

After using gdb to trace back the issue, I noticed that I the function 
void ZipFile::readLOC( ZipEntry &rEntry ) in 
/package/source/zipapi/ZipFile.cxx/ does throw an exception (throw 
ZipIOException("The stream seems to be broken!" );) when rEntry.nTime != 
nTime. But somehow the exception is caught in 
/writerfilter/source/dmapper/DomainMapper.cxx:253/ ( catch( const 
uno::Exception& ) {} ) and does nothing.

Is this the correct behavior when the Zip file is broken? Also, how 
could I restore the previous state to reproduce the bug?

Thank you.

Best regards,

Quan Nguyen.

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