Unit Tests failing when built with clang 12

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at redhat.com
Thu Mar 18 09:05:35 UTC 2021

On 17/03/2021 23:47, Luke Benes wrote:
> Sounds like there is a headless or distro dependent aspect of this bug too. I can reproduce this on both my i686 openSUSE Tumbleweed (32-bit) laptop and on my x86-64 openSUSE Tumbleweed desktop. This issue has not been fixed in clang 13 as today's build 402f2cae7dcab also fails. I also was able to reproduce the failures with this autogen.input:
> --enable-optimized
> --disable-debug
> --disable-dbgutil
> CC=clang
> CXX=clang++
> What distro is this working on? I can try that in a VM.

I'm using Fedora 33.

What we'd need to track this down is an --enable-symbols build with 
debug information, and then a gdb backtrace at the point of SEGV, not 
just that unhelpfully symbol-less backtrace generated by whatever 

Ideally, gbuild should print gdb backtraces when soffice.bin crashes 
during a UITest.  What's necessary for that to work is (a) that core 
files are written to CWD (depending on distro settings, you may need 
something like `sudo sysctl kernel.core_pattern=core`), (b) `ulimit -c 
unlimited` in the shell where you run `make`, and (c) not getting 
--enable-breakpad or some other unhelpful thing get in the way, I think.

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