ANN: renaming of master branch to "main" for core repository and submodules (dictionaries, help, translations)

Thorsten Behrens thb at
Thu Mar 18 12:48:24 UTC 2021

Hi Lubos,

just a quick answer - I think topics like this are best discussed in a
call though.

Lubos Lunak wrote:
> I disagree with the plan. Git uses master, so we should stick with
> that.
Hmm. But someone else using outdated names shouldn't per se be a reason
for us? Also it appears things are moving there, too.

> And that brings me to the non-technical part of this, because I
> really don't see the reason for this.
The reason is, that language evolves, and bad habits (or metaphors) of
the past shouldn't be persisted, if we know they are offensive to

Generally, our approach in the community should be - if it doesn't
harm us [1], we should be considerate & welcoming. The feedback
towards using master/slave (and other established-but-fraught-terms)
was that it indeed is taken as offensive for some people.

> Finally, even if we assume that it would be a good idea to avoid
> the use of the word 'master' altogether because one of the 20
> meanings a dictionary gives is bad, what's the plan for all the
> other 20059 ('git grep -i master | wc -l') other uses in
> LibreOffice?
You're right, there's more work to do. But that shouldn't stop this
one bit from going forward.

For parts of what you refer to, see:

[1] please do point us to hard technical blockers though, if you're
    aware of any


-- Thorsten
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