oox import/export of custom shape extrusion

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at t-online.de
Thu Mar 18 15:24:38 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I want to work on getting oox import/export of custom shape extrusion. 
In this context I have two questions:

In case a grabBag exists, it will be necessary to merge values from the 
internal "extrusion" property with values from the grabBag on export. In 
case no grabBag exists, writing OOXML from the internal properties is 
needed. In case no internal "extrusion" property exists, the current 
solution of writing the gragBag is OK.

Should I use separate solutions for the three cases? Advantage would be, 
that the development can be done without interfering the current 
solution for "only grabBag". But a solution for "merge" would be able to 
solve the situation "no grabBag" and "only grabBag" too, so doing only 
that might avoid code duplication.

I need a table of the OOXML camera preset properties. Import needs to 
read the internal (ODF) property values corresponding to the preset name 
and export needs to get a suitable preset name from the internal (ODF) 
property values and to get associated (OOXML) preset property values.
A single camera preset will become a struct. But what data structure is 
best for the set of 62 presets? I think of std::unordered_map, with 
preset name as key, or std::array.

Kind regards

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