ESC meeting agenda: 2021-03-25 16:00 Berlin time - renaming - a serious tongue-in-cheek proposal

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Fri Mar 26 14:03:33 UTC 2021

khagaroth wrote
> Don't you dare to assume a gender.  To be gender neutral, how about using
> "WOKE".

It seems you jump the gun here! :-)
Before thinking about those who may be offended about gender, first you must
deal with:
- all references to "master" must disappear : master doc (there's already a
bugtracker about this one whereas I thought decision wasn't taken yet for
git branch, whatever...) master slide, etc.
- then all black/white references (after "blacklist" and "whitelist" perhaps
some have been forgotten)
- then very important, to replace all "command" words (let's be coherent!!
- also "abort" expression to replace because there are people who are
against abortion.
then only you can begin all the gender related terms: civility, male,
female, etc.

After all these removes and certainly lots of to come, I think dictionaries
gonna become quickly light in very few years!
Of course perhaps I just exagerate here :-P


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