Intended behavior for wrap "parallel" for custom shapes?

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Wed May 19 21:01:01 UTC 2021

Hi all,

this is a question about correct way of wrap around a shape. The 
question is connected to bug 142305 "FILEOPEN DOCX wrap is tight in 
LibreOffice but not in Word".

Take a text, insert a custom shape "Circle Pie", and set the wrap mode 
to "Parallel". Make sure, "Contour" is off. The pie is drawn into a 
free, rectangular area and the text wraps around this area.
Drag the angle handles to make the pie a small sector. The free area 
becomes smaller, so that it remains tight to the sector.

This is the behavior in LibreOffice since version 6.1, about April 2018. 
In versions before, the free area was always as large as the underlying 
circle of the sector.

Is the new way an error or is it the intended behavior?

ODF spec has only the wording "text wraps around the bounding box of the 
object" but does not define the term "bounding box".

I personally like the new way. It makes the custom shape "Circle Pie" 
behave the same as the legacy sector shape and prevents large holes in 
the text. But before continuing in developing my patch, I need to know, 
whether the new way is really intended.

Kind regards

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