Request for information about LibreOffice for university project

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Thu May 27 19:04:20 UTC 2021


My name is Alberto Dorizza and I’m writing for a group of Software
Engineering students at University of Padova (Italy) conducting research
that involves the analysis of the development process of a software of our

Therefore we would like to conduct this research on LibreOffice, on which
we thought you might be able to enlighten us.

Our research is based on a few points, that is the focus and purpose of
this software, the development strategies and models applied, the software
requirements, the update commit frequency and if possible a history of such

We want to enforce the purely informative purpose of this research.

We are very much open to fix an appointment with yourself, or with whom
this might be of concern, to discuss in more details our requests, if

Should our project meet your interest, we would respectfully ask of you a
rather quick response so that we might close in well on our strict deadline.

I give you our utmost thanks for your helpfulness.


Alberto Dorizza
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