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Juan C. Sanz jcsanz at
Thu Nov 11 15:05:40 UTC 2021

El 11/11/2021 a las 13:53, Ilmari Lauhakangas escribió:
> On 11.11.2021 14.44, Juan C. Sanz wrote:
>> I have been able to compile LibreOffice on Windows 10 with the lode 
>> installation.
>> The problem I am having, is that every time I do a pull to update the 
>> code, when compiling again I get several errors, sometimes missing 
>> dll, sometimes other different errors.
>> The only way I have found to avoid those errors, is to do a make 
>> --clean, but of course, that makes me start a complete compilation 
>> again.
>> Is there a way to avoid compiling all over again? Am I doing 
>> something wrong?
> Please let us know the error output.
> Ilmari

Last time the error was:

$ make

C:/cygwin/home/jc/lode/opt/bin/make -j 4  -rs -f 
C:/cygwin/home/jc/lode/dev/core/Makefile.gbuild build

[build DEP] LNK:Library/sal3.dll

[build CXX] sal/rtl/bootstrap.cxx

C:/cygwin/home/jc/lode/dev/core/sal/rtl/bootstrap.cxx: error C2220: la 
siguiente advertencia se trata como un error

C:/cygwin/home/jc/lode/dev/core/sal/rtl/bootstrap.cxx: warning C4651: Se 
especific□ '/D_HAS_AUTO_PTR_ETC' para el encabezado precompilado pero no 
para la compilaci□n actual

Nota: inclusi□n del archivo: 

Nota: inclusi□n del archivo: 

Nota: inclusi□n del archivo: 

Nota: inclusi□n del archivo:  

Nota: inclusi□n del archivo:   

[build UPK] libgpg-error-1.37.tar.bz2

[build PAT] glm

make[1]: *** 
Error 2

make[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....

make: *** [Makefile:288: build] Error 2

But it is not always the same. Many times it complains about missing or 
unwriteable .dll files.

*Juan C.
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