Build fails with "--with-system-poppler"

Jan-Marek Glogowski glogow at
Wed Nov 24 15:34:04 UTC 2021

Am 24.11.21 um 11:03 schrieb Kevin Suo:
[snip problem description]
> The solution either:
> 1. Add "poppler-cpp" as a dependency for --with-system-poppler. This 
> approach is not perfect, as we only the poppler-cpp for version check, 
> there is no actual poppler-cpp API code used in our libreoffice code 
> base as far as I know. or

I've implemented this in

 From the commit message:
 > Seems the first poppler including and also
 > cpp/ was 0.14.0.
 > So this also increases the minimal system poppler dependency from
 > * poppler 0.12.0 (Wed Sep 9, 2009)
 > to
 > * poppler 0.14.0 (Tue Jun 8, 2010)

That should be fine ;-)

> 2. Force the poppler version with a --with-system-poppler poppler 
> version to be the same as (or compatible with) the external_tarball 
> version of poppler used, and remove those poppler version checks in 
> sdext/source/pdfimport codes. (i.e. the same as how we handle 'orcus' 
> and 'mdds'). Dealing this poppler version changes is proven to be a 
> panic, as poppler's internal is changing in every release and we are not 
> using the stable C++ API codes of poppler.

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