EasyHack Suggestion: Use range based for loops

Hossein Nourikhah hossein at libreoffice.org
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This is a suggestion for adding an EasyHack with the difficulty 
"Beginner". I have asked one of the newbies to do a submission regarding 
this. Please tell me your opinion. I welcome any suggestions.


**Use range based for loops**

Since C++11, range based loops are available for iterating over a known 
range of values. For example, when there is a need to process elements 
of a container, range based loops are usually a good choice. They are 
easy to write, read and understand.

The simplest form is as below:

for(auto variable : range)

In this way, a temporary variable is created to iterate over the range 
of values. But this is usually undesirable because the variable is 

When a change in the values of the elements is needed, a reference is 

for(auto &variable : range)

It is possible to use the reference, but use const to prevent 
modification. This is useful for working on big elements.

for(const auto &variable : range)

Range based loops can simplify the code, but there are limitations for 
them. For example, if there is a need not to iterate over certain 
values, std::ranges::views::drop (C++20) should be used, so they are not 
suitable for replacing every normal for loop.

This is an example:
123758: Use range based for loops | 

This is changed:

for(size_t a(0); a < aMatrices.size(); a++)
     rContainer.push_back(new TransformPrimitive2D(
         getTransformation() * aMatrices[a],

into this:

for(const auto &a : aMatrices)
     rContainer.push_back(new TransformPrimitive2D(
         getTransformation() * a, Primitive2DContainer(xSeq)));

+ Range-based for loop
+Range-based for Statement (C++)

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