Improvement for Hebrew writing

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Fri Sep 17 22:58:57 UTC 2021

Hi Simone,

Simone Aiello schrieb am 16.09.2021 um 16:46:
> The software has problems with the integration of Latin text and Hebrew 
> text. Would it be possible to make a change?

Yes. It depends on your skills, how you can help.

  Or make a plugin to make
> things better?

"plugin" ?

  Is there anyone who could help me reprogram the software

If you want to fix something in the code, then you can start reading in Follow the links in 
section "Getting Started with Development"

> and figure out where I could work to customize it?
If your question is not about development, but you need help to use 
LibreOffice, then this is the wrong mailing list. In that case use 
users at or

Kind regards,

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