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Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 30 19:55:54 UTC 2021

Hey Florian,

On Fri, Oct 1, 2021 at 1:52 AM Markus Mohrhard <
markus.mohrhard at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hey Florian,
> On Tue, Sep 28, 2021 at 5:59 PM Florian Becker <fb at vxapps.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> i have patched the libcppunit 1.15.1 to modernize and use clang flags
>> with highest flag settings. Hopefully you can integrate this patch
>> inside master. https://github.com/VXAPPS/cppunit/tree/feature-modernize
>> If you have suggestions, please let me know.
> I'll have a look during the next few days and will let you know if I have
> any questions or comments

Thanks for your patches. The summary is:

* first patch was used without modifications
* second patch was split up into smaller commits:
   * add [[noreturn]]
   * add override annotations
   * switch from throw to noexcept
   * remove semicolons
   * a complete removal of the old casting macros by me instead of your
addition to the portability header
   * replace 0 with nullptr
   * disable a few simple compiler warnings

I have not yet taken the size_t changes as that part contains some bugs. I
have already fixed one but want to have a second look and think about
whether this is how we want to solve this problem.
I also had to remove all references to [[deprecated]] in this change as
[[deprecated]] is only C++14 and at least for now cppunit is still at C++11.

* I'll have to think a bit about the third and fourth patch. If I merge
them I'll let you know.

You can find the full code that I have pushed at:



> Cheers,
> Markus
>> Regards,
>> Florian
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