Re: Some Chinese characters and Special characters are missing in tools and status bar

Kevin Suo suokunlong at
Sat Apr 16 23:40:26 UTC 2022

I do not know the code, but for QA pirpose, as I have pointed out in one of the bugs, it is bibisected to the following range:

So it must be one of the three commits which have broke this. The next step may be to bisect between the three to find out which one is the first bad commit, then focus on the changes of lines that commit to find out where it goes wrong.

Kevin Suo

于 2022年4月17日 GMT+08:00 上午12:31:06, "徐恩华" <enhua_2008 at> 写到:
>Hello everyone,
>I found a bug, some Chinese characters and  special characters  are missing in tools and status bar. If you are interested in the bug, please visit
>Could you give me some advice to fix this bug, thank you very much.
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