SalAbort:Unspecified application error

Michael Weghorn m.weghorn at
Wed Apr 27 15:27:11 UTC 2022

On 27/04/2022 09.34, di liu wrote:
> forget the crash video add it
> crash_video.mp4 
> <>

The video appears to be inaccessible unless access has specifically been 
granted in Google Drive.

> di liu <disco.liu at <mailto:disco.liu at>> 于2022年4月27 
> 日周三 15:23写道:
>     There has  a crash error when i use libreoffice in android which is
>     compiled from the source code.
>     *The development information:*
>     the libreoffice branch is *master*(update when a write this mail)
>     *phone information:*
>     android sdk : *29(android 10)*
>     brand*:**HUAWEI HMI-AL100*
>     ram*:6G*
>     screen*:2244x1080*

Does that device have a 64-bit ARM processor?

>     *The triggering scenario for this error:*
>     This error appears more frequently  when load xlsx file(load other
>     file also happen).
>     when l load xlsx file and zoom in the document then slide up and
>     down quickly (the video in the accessorias) the app will be crashed
>     suddenly.

i.e. the crash is not 100% reproducible? Can you give a rough estimation 
of how often it happens? (like "almost always", "about every third 
It might also help to share a sample doc (e.g. attaching one to a bug 
report on Bugzilla) if it happens more often with specific files.

>     the full error log is below
>     [...]
>     *What i have try:*
>     I think the key point log is
> E/LibreOffice/androidinst: SalAbort:
>     'Unspecified application error'
>     so i searched this message in the source code and finally found it's
>     in this method: "vcl/source/app/salplug.cxx -> void SalAbort( const
>     OUString& rErrorText, bool bDumpCore )"
>     And i search the method 'SalAbort'  to found out the possible invoke
>     chains.But when i reached method "void
>     Desktop::Exception(ExceptionCategory nCategory)" in
>     "desktop/source/app/app.cxx" which i think is most possibly invoke
>     point trigger this crash. But unfortunately i have not found who
>     invoke this method. I want to use gdb to debug but when i try to
>     compile a new so which contain needed symbols and debug info i meet
>     a link error again(clang++ error:unable to execute command Killed)
>     which i think cause by low memory of my computer,But i can't change
>     it...

Finding a working combination of NDK version and linker that work for a 
specific architecture and debug configuration can be a bit tricky.

What does your autogen.input look like? (Or what options are you passing 
to ./ manually?)

For a 64-bit ARM debug build, using LLD with NDK 22.1.7171670 worked for 
me in the past, by applying this change on top of master:

and then using an autogen.input containing this:


(Maybe requiring newer NDK versions and switching to LLD for all 
architectures might work by now, but that would need some more testing. 
At least this didn't work for all architectures with older NDK versions 
~2 years ago.)

>     So could you give me some suggestions how to solve this error

In addition to the above, you could try whether it crashes the same way 
with a daily build provided by TDF, available here, to see whether it's 
in some way related to your build setup:

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