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Olivier Hallot olivier.hallot at
Mon Aug 8 12:19:37 UTC 2022


Many toolbars have Help pages describing them in detail.

For example, the Find toolbar (Ctrl+F) opens the page

and the source file has the bookmark entry

<bookmark xml-lang="en-US" branch="hid/.HelpId:findbar" 
id="bm_id591641583284889" localize="false"/>

which binds HelpId and the XHP page.

However in the case of the outlinetoolbar in Impress (1), the module 
does not send HelpId but sends instead SD_HIDSDDRAWVIEWSHELL.

I need to find where to make the F1 key send "outlinetoolbar' as HelpId 
to the Help system, and open the right Help page.

Many toolbars are in the same situation.


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