ESC meeting minutes: 2022-08-11

Maxim Monastirsky momonasmon at
Fri Aug 12 08:46:40 UTC 2022


>       + Q: Is there a Help for the toolbars (usig F1 on the tbar)
>         + there is a fix in RC3 hopefully? (Thorsten)
>  related?
>         + seems F1 is processed differently in toolbars
>         + did it ever work? needs some more digging (feedback 
> appreciated)

Just want to clarify here that F1 actually works for toolbars, i.e.
pressing F6 until the focus lands on the toolbar, and making sure that
a toolbar button is focused and not a different control like a combobox
(because those might have their own help ids), then pressing F1 will
try to bring the help for .HelpId:<toolbar_name>.

The following toolbars have defined bookmarks in help, and all open the
correct help pages after my patch applied: tableobjectbar, findbar,

(I did comment about this already in the respective bugzilla ticket,
but it appears that it went unnoticed.)

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