Build failure with gpgme-1.18.0

Sam James sam at
Sun Aug 21 04:44:37 UTC 2022

> On 16 Aug 2022, at 09:04, Thorsten Behrens <thb at> wrote:
> Hi Sam,
> Sam James wrote:
>> gpgme-1.18.0 dropped a bunch of internal symbols,
>> including progress_callback (see e.g. callbacks.h
>> which has a comment at the top saying it's internal).
>> Unfortunately, this is what LibreOffice uses to detect [0]
>> gpgme:
> The reason for that was some kde distro packages shipping their own
> copy of gpgmepp. I've got no insight what's the current story there,
> but plausibly we can get away with dropping that test now?

Did some digging as I hadn't heard of this but I wanted to be sure,
and it looks like it goes back to

I don't see a reference to a bug there so I can't check a distro
in particular, but gpgme hasn't depended on KDE libs for a long while,
so I think we're good as-is to just drop it.

(I've also not seen any workarounds like this in other projects).

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