Problem with reading 'writing-mode' ODF attribute in Impress

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Thu Aug 25 09:31:24 UTC 2022

Hi Miklos, hi all,

Impress saves the 'WritingMode' API-property as 'writing-mode' 
ODF-attribute to the paragraph properties of the paragraph style of the 
shape. On loading it sets the 'WritingMode' API-property. But that does 
not work, if the attribute is in 'loext' namespace in file markup.
That is
WritingMode::TB_RL and WritingMode::TB_LR generates 
'style:writing-mode="tb-rl"' and 'style:writing-mode="tb-lr"' 
respectively. They become 'WritingMode=2' and 'WritingMode=3' on file open.
WritingMode::BT_LR generates 'loext:writing-mode="bt-lr"' and that does 
not work, it becomes 'WritingMode=0' on file open but should be 

Having the 'WritingMode' API-property correct is necessary to export the 
correct value for 'vert' attribute in pptx. If I set 'WritingMode' via 
macro to the correct value, the export to pptx works.

I have already changed the code so that the 'writing-mode' ODF-attribute 
is written as graphic-property too. But that does not help here.

Has someone an idea, why the import for 'loext' does not work? Or can 
someone point me to the place, where this part of import happens? Or can 
someone explain to me the steps involved in importing a style? Any help 
is appreciated.

[I'm still working on getting TextPreRotateAngle to ODF. The approach to 
use the 'writing-mode' ODF-attribute works in Writer for frames and for 
shapes with attached frames.]

Kind regards

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