Bugzilla issue Bug 147646 - Fileopen DOCX: Values are skipped in a numbered list within a table when cells are split/merged

Chris Minotti cminotti at opentext.com
Mon Aug 29 22:14:23 UTC 2022

A development question from our engineer working on Bug 147646.

We're changing LibreOffice's source code and re-building LibreOffice from code. Our code, but all it does is launch LibreOffice and pass it a command to export to PDF, there's no code-to-code communication, just program-to-program.  The license that LibreOffice is distributed under allows us to make "derivative works and then distribute those works ourselves, but in order to do that we must meet the requirements of section 3 of the license here: https://www.libreoffice.org/about-us/licenses.   We're going to be doing 3.2, Distribution of Executable Form, because we're going to compile LibreOffice in it's entirety and provide it as a compiled program, not just give people source code and tell them compile it themselves. Under that, there's a 1) which says we must also provide the source code. The licensing, since this is a derivative work, we need to include or make the source code available somewhere. (Section 3.2 on this page https://www.libreoffice.org/about-us/licenses). I'm not sure if that needs to be for all of LibreOffice, or just the change we made... probably all?

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