Question about cppuhelper/compbase and other compbase1/2/.../12

Jan-Marek Glogowski glogow at
Mon Jan 10 11:12:25 UTC 2022

On 10.01.22 11:22, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
> On 09/01/2022 09:41, Julien Nabet wrote:
>> So it means we could at least use of compbase.hxx internally, then put 
>> compbase<number>.hxx in deprecated.
> We can deprecate/discourage its internal use, but IMO should not 
> deprecate it for external use (where we offer no alternative solution). 
>   I don't think we have a mechanism to mark an entity as 
> deprecated-for-internal-use only, though, so I think that deprecation 
> would need to be purely conceptional.

Iff you put the whole code into "#ifndef LIBO_INTERNAL_ONLY" and fix the 
fallout, that should be the equivalent of "deprecate the whole file". 
Maybe more work then intended, but at least short for the unused file.
And you can put a #warning in the #else branch for external users.

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