tdf#140286 - CALC formula =INFO("OSVERSION") gives wrong output

Chris Sherlock chris.sherlock79 at
Tue Jan 11 16:49:07 UTC 2022

> On 12 Jan 2022, at 1:52 am, Thorsten Behrens <thb at> wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Chris Sherlock wrote:
>> 1. What should the Linux version of this function provide?
> My 2 cents - if it ain't broken, don't fix it. People might
> (unreasonably) rely on what's returned there as of today, so why touch
> it?
> Cheers,
> -- Thorsten

The likelihood of this is very unlikely for the Linux functionality - the patch was submitted about two or three days ago.

The MacOS version returns Windows, which is fairly obviously wrong.

It is, in fact, broken. Which is why there is a bug report, with people questioning the submitted patch to provide the Linux kernel version. And why I submitted a change to try to resolve the MacOS result.

People are relying on the results of an Excel function, and we give a. The wrong string (Windows!) and b. Provide a different result than Excel. I’d say there are plenty of people relying on the Excel function to return the correct value.


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