cat: 'C:/cygwin/lode/dev/core/eicar': Permission denied

Ilmari Lauhakangas ilmari.lauhakangas at
Fri Jan 21 13:30:46 UTC 2022

A newcomer is facing this issue with

checking for active Antivirus software... found
cat: 'C:/cygwin/lode/dev/core/eicar': Permission denied
configure: error: Exclude the build and source directories associated 
with LibreOffice in the following Antivirus software:
         *Windows Defender
Error running configure at ./ line 322.

Windows Defender is disabled even at Group Policy level and no other 
antivirus is installed (I guided the process in a call).

Files can be created in core/ just fine.

Core is owned by the normal user, while the group is None.

The EICAR check was added in

Any ideas?


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