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Fri Jul 1 16:00:13 UTC 2022

We apologize for being silent about LibreOffice Conference 2022, but we 
have had significant but unforeseeable logistic issues in Bolzano when 
we have looked for available hotel rooms.

Even the local tourism authority has not been able to find more than a 
handful of rooms available for the last week of September, definitely 
not enough for the number of attendees we are expecting.

Luckily, there are other beautiful cities in Italy. To avoid similar 
issues, we have decided to explore Milan, as the number of conference 
venues and hotel rooms is so large that chances of finding somethig 
suitable was definitely higher.

In fact, we have found a beautiful conference space right behind Piazza 
del Duomo at Fondazione Culturale San Fedele, right in the center of the 
city, and rooms in hotels close to the metro (which reaches Piazza del 
Duomo). The conference will represent an opportunity to visit Milan, 
which is one of Italy's most beautiful cities.

We will share all logistic details before July 15. Together with the 
logistic details, we will share infos about places to see, and food & 
drinks to enjoy.

The dates of the conference have not changed: we will start on September 
28 with community meetings, while the conference will be on September 29 
and 30 (full day), and will close in the morning of October 1st.

People who want to attend the event can start looking at flights to one 
of Milan's three airports: Milan Linate (LIN), Milan Malpensa (MXP) and 
Bergamo Orio al Serio (BGY). Milan can be reached by high-speed train 
from Paris, and with long-distance trains from most of Europe.

As soon as we share logistic details, we also suggest people to look for 
hotel rooms based on the list of affordable hotels close to the metro we 
are putting together. Most of the hotels will be rather small, as large 
hotels are usually quite expensive.

Milan has a rather large metro network, and public transport which get 
almost everywhere. To get around the city with public transport, we use 
the Moovit smartphone app, which is quite helpful. Taxis are extremely 
expensive, and should be used only for emergencies (NEVER from and to 
airports, as there are cheap bus services).

Looking forward to meeting the community in Milan, nine years after 2013 
LibOCon hosted by the University of Milan.

Best regards, Italo

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