Problems in Writer with rotated text in shapes

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Wed Jul 6 23:00:03 UTC 2022

Hi all,

I am still working on
   tdf#149551 separate TextRotateAngle from TextPreRotateAngle

PPTX import and export are now basically OK, but DOCX does not work at 
all. I have some questions about this:

I have turned off creating a textbox associated with the shape for some 
cases, so I can see what happens on import. (Text rotations are still 
missing here as a reason not to use a textbox).
-            else if (mbTextBox)
+            else if (mbTextBox && getRotation() == 0 && !mbFlipV)
                  aShapeProps.setProperty(PROP_TextBox, true);

Apart from the fact that the shape-text cannot contain images, math 
objects or bullets, does this cause any other problems?

The textbox created automatically on import of a shape causes 
significant problems when the text in the shape needs to be rotated for 
some reason. Could the creation of the textbox be limited to cases where 
the capabilities of a frame are actually needed?

The XML_bodyPr element is handled directly in WpsContext.cxx. Why is 
TextBodyPropertiesContext not used? Evaluating the attributes is quite 
complex if done correctly, see e.g.: 
TextBodyProperties::pushTextDistances(). It would be nice not to have to 
repeat all this within WpsContext.

Kind regards,

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