Minutes from the UX/design meeting 2022-Jul-13

Heiko Tietze heiko.tietze at documentfoundation.org
Wed Jul 13 20:10:05 UTC 2022

Present: Bjoern, Thorsten, John, Cor, Eyal, Heiko

Topic: Polypoly

  * Introduction
    + https://polypoly.org/en-gb/
    + founded May/4th 2019 with the purpose to empower end users to reclaim
      their data.
    + main problem with data is that we send data to 3rd party companies and
      we have no rights on it
    + goal is to store data locally (on the edge) and let algorithms evaluate
      those data and share only the results
    + European cooperative "COOP" https://polypoly.coop/en-de/
    + first release available for Android/iOS is able to bring the data of
      Facebook and google back to the user (as copy in the moment). The data
      will be explained to the end user in a way that also non tech people
      are able to understand what the net knows about them.
    + next step is to integrate open source projects

  * Scenarios
    + surveys such as 
are completed by
      tech-affine people with some expertise "...mid-age (65% between
      33 and 65 years old), technology-affine (60% use Linux as operating
      system), and power users (45% run the application every day)"
    + anecdotal reports to judge on enhancement requests such as 
      (Change the default UI)
    + missing knowledge, eg. how many individuals run LOOL/COOL, meaning have
      configured the environment first
    + answers to questions like "what action comes most often before undo" has
      huge potential for improvement
    + personas should be based on facts (https://wiki.documentfoundation.org

  * Existing code
    + initial steps have been done 
    + UI setting removed with https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/c/core/+/119166
      for bug 140107 but code still at sfx2/source/control/unoctitm.cxx
      collectUIInformation(), see also bug 96434

  * Questions
    + wouldn't it be better to not collect data at all (rather than doing
      the PP approach)
      + open source community tried with Discourse, for example, but better
        we reclaim data; data is key for many questions; PP is neutral and
      + PP does not own the data; PP is a cooperative, all income will be shared
    + is PP open source / what license
      + yes, dual-licensing
    + what would be the scenario when PP becomes included
      + probably a question "Do you want to share data..." as opt-in
    + amount of data is frightening
      + 10 years of extensive Google usage is about 100MB
      + an option might be to keep raw data for only a short period and
        condense then
    + feedback channel, something that allows the individual to compare with
      the average
      + could be something for the future
    + include questionnaires for example to split user types
      + demographics are included already
      + identification with brands is built-in
    + any legal constraints
      + LibreOffice sends crash reports to TDF
    + who is doing the coding effort
      + research and testing needed to improve the PP AI
      + integration needs to be done together afterwards/in parallel
    + what are the next steps
      + involve the ESC
      + write a blog post and involve the community
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