Review for tdf#149551 separate TextRotateAngle from TextPreRotateAngle

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Mon Jul 18 13:29:44 UTC 2022

Hi all,

the patch is now in a state, that a review would be good.

The patch does not only include the separation of the two angles but 
also improvements for the calculation of insets as they are affected by 
rotation too. It should work fine for Impress. The visual appearance of 
an exported file in PowerPoint should be correct too, if not the diagram 
definition from the grabBag is used, but if the diagram is converted to 
a group. In case you find problems, please share the problematic files 
with me.

Because of the automatically inserted text frame in Writer, the text 
rotation, position and size cannot be tested for normal shapes in Writer.
The import of diagrams in Writer has still a lot of problems. A large 
problem is the wrong size of the background rectangle and connected with 
that the wrong size and position of the shapes of the diagram.
I will not try to fix the Writer problems in this patch.

The patch does not contain changes to ODF load/save. The patch is 
already large, so that I think it is better, to solve ODF separately. It 
needs some discussion anyway.

The patch has already unit tests, but unit tests with diagrams are 
missing. I'm currently working on it, but have less time in the moment.

I hope for your feedback.

Kind regards,

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