Libreoffice build error[for android]

Michael Weghorn m.weghorn at
Fri Mar 4 11:37:33 UTC 2022

On 04/03/2022 10.42, di liu wrote:
> Thank you for your reply.
>  > If you have current git master without any local changes and 'make
>  > distclean' and trying again doesn't work
> I just modified one file which named "Makefile.fetch" location in root 
> dir of libreoffice,But i think this change has nothing to do with this error
> below is my change's content
> "
> ifneq (,$(WGET))
> define fetch_Download__wget_command
> && bash -c '$(WGET) --no-check-certificate--progress=dot:mega -Q 0 -P 
> "." -l 0 -nd -nH -N --no-use-server-timestamps $1/$2 2>&1 | tee -a 
> $(fetch_LOGFILE) && [ $$PIPESTATUS -eq 0 ]'
> endef
> "
> I have added he green color option which used solve certification problem
> but I still want to have try with "make distclean"

It's not really clear to me what "he green color option" refers to, but 
if that refers to the change of adding the '--no-check-certificate' 
option for wget, that should actually be unrelated.

> I have a another problem:
> I have search the undefined method "lo_get_custom_widget_func" and find 
> this method is defined dynamic . It's was defined by I 
> don't know why we're doing this and how it's work
> .Could you give me a simple explanation or provide me some documents to 
> make it's clear ?

Good point.

I don't know details about this either, but I think the idea is to strip 
down what C++ code to build/include for the mobile apps to reduce the 
size of the library to what's actually needed there.

> At last I wonder if I can do that execute "" and put the 
> result to a new  cpp file and add it to makefile when I still have the 
> link error ?

Looking at android/source/Makefile, this is the command used to generate 
the file:

     ./solenv/bin/ -j -g core -g writer -g calc -g draw -g 
edit > android/source/native-code.cxx

I have pasted what the output/file looks like for me here:

In case that differs from yours, tracking down what happens inside might provide insights what's going wrong.

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