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Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Thu Mar 17 19:15:41 UTC 2022

Hi Pedro,

	Some great grist for easy-hacks here I hope:

	We should prolly fix the consistency things to avoid functionality loss
between classic & notebookbar soonish.

	Some of the new dialogs will need core work to make them async; others
are just dialog-less uno commands.

	Can you file all of these chopped up whatever way you like, and (I guess)
Nick might be interested in some of the dialog async'ing bits.

	Thanks !


		Writer Split Cells – add it to the Classic Mode UI (already in notebookbar)
		Calc: Insert: Named-range or expression – not in notebookbar but in classic.
		Calc: Insert text box – not in classic – but in notebookbar: NB. test it heavily!
		Calc: Format row/column – height/width/optimal height etc. → in classic not NB.
		Calc: Print Ranges → not in Notebookbar
		Calc: Insert - Define / named Ranges in NB.
		Calc: Data → Define Range missing in NB
	Lowest hanging fruit:
		Writer: Format→ Name & Description → key for a11y – trivial dialogs.
		Calc: Format →  Description → key for a11y / alt tags suspected.
		Calc: Insert Formatting Mark drop-down (?) - if we want to …
		Writer Tables
			Protect & un-protect cells: no UI just a cmd.
			Merge Table command
			Split table dialog and
			Number Format dialog (?)
		Calc → Paste Special → menu: of options needs to prompt for a Ctrl-V afterwards
		Calc: View → Value Highlighting + Show Formula + View (all) Comments.
		Calc: Insert Field → sheet name, document-title (NB. test heavily).
		Calc cell protection:
			Tools → Protect sheet – 1x dialog + password for editing.
			Tools → Protect spreadsheet structure
			Edit → Protect cell check-box/button
		Writer sidebar: no text shadow effect vs. PC / desktop.
	Context menus:
		Calc: cell right-click insert/delete cells + 2x dialogs
		Calc: right-click – insert-comment
		Calc: right-click on image →
			Original Size
			Edit Hyperlink
			Name + Description
		Calc: right-click on Shape
			Position, size, Line Area dialog
			Alig Objecs / flip
			Edit Hyperlink
	Needs / likes:
		Writer: right-click → Table Properties, Image Properties, Floating Frame properties
		style sidebar
		gallery sidebar
		Repeat item …
		Calc: Data → Consolidate

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