Mentions of bugs in the dev guide

Ilmari Lauhakangas ilmari.lauhakangas at
Sun Mar 20 11:22:58 UTC 2022

The dev guide references some known issues (without bug numbers). I 
appreciate any help in figuring out if they are still relevant.
Dropdown is currently not working by program, but you can set it with 
the Control Properties in the IDE.
The directory must be given as a system path, file URLs do not work at 
the moment.
Short time format is currently not working.
XMimeTypeInfo is currently not supported by the GraphicExportFilter.
The method setViewData() is currently not working. It can only be used 
with loadComponentFromURL().
The properties IsShowAll, IsShowLogo and IsTransitionOnClick are 
currently not documented in the API reference.
Or, you want to have real null values for date fields. This is currently 
not possible, because the service 
interprets a null default as an instruction to use the current system 
date. Effectively, you cannot have date fields in forms which default to 
null on new records, but you can get this by programming the API.
If there are still parameter values left, the are invoked. Any component 
can add itself as a listener using the interface implemented by 
the form. The listeners then have the chance to fill in anything still 
Unfortunately, LibreOffice Basic scripts currently cannot follow the 
last step of this procedure - there is a known implementation issue 
which prevents this.
The Context menu of the Writer that pops up when pressing the 
right-mouse button over an incorrectly spelled word currently has a bug 
that may crash the program when the Java implementation of a spell 
checker is used. The spell check dialog is functioning.
As long as the Windows quickstarter is active, the soffice executable is 
not terminated.

The office freezes when terminate() is called if there are unsaved 
changes. As a workaround set all documents into an unmodified state 
through their interface or store them 

The object returned by getFrames() does not support XTypeProvider, 
therefore it cannot be used with LibreOffice Basic.
The current implementation forces the user to close the AutoTextEntry 
instance when they are changed, so that the changes can take effect. 
However, the new AutoText is not written to disk until the destructor of 
the AutoTextEntry instance inside the writer is called. When this 
example has finished executing, the file on disk correctly contains the 
complete text "This string was inserted using the API!\n\nSome text for 
a new autotext block", but there is no way in Java to call the 
destructor. It is not clear when the garbage collector deletes the 
object and writes the modifications to disk.
Calling XPropertySet.getPropertySetInfo() on a redline property set 
crashes the office.
In StarOffice 6.0 and 1.0 you can only influence the zoom 
factor by setting the ZoomType to BY_VALUE and adjusting ZoomValue 
explicitly. The other zoom types have no effect.
The API reference does not know the properties above. Instead, it 
specifies a with an XChainable 
interface, but this is not yet supported by text frames.


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