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I am a software engineer. I have a Masters degree in Computer Networking
from NCSU, NC, USA.

I was thinking that why does LibreOffice support document formats other
than that of Microsoft Office?

Windows run on around 90% of personal computers in this world.

Mac's share is around 5% and it also has Microsoft Office.

So, Microsoft Office and other Microsoft compatible Office software run on
around 95% of personal computers.

So, why to put resources in other formats which probably is used by only 5%
or not even that.

Putting all effort and resources in developing Office suite compatible with
Microsoft Office will make LibreOffice much better and will have a much
greater chance of gaining market share from Microsoft.

In my opinion, LibreOffice should support only Microsoft Office formats and
drop other formats.

This will lead to better LibreOffice software, efficient and optimum use of
resources, lesser number of features to implement, lesser number of bugs to
fix, more and more users of LibreOffice, etc.

Also, by supporting Microsoft Office formats only, it is quite possible
that Google, and other big companies in the world (like Pepsi, Bank of
America, etc.) may give funds to libreOffice. They will definitely benefit
because they will then not buy Microsoft Office but will use LibreOffice.

May be some companies also allocate some employees to contribute to

May be Google acquire LibreOffice (but am not sure whether LibreOffice
wants to get acquired).

But, in my opinion, there are tons of benefits in supporting Microsoft
Office formats only.

Amit (Masters in Computer Networking from NCSU, NC, USA)
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