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Michael Weghorn m.weghorn at
Fri Mar 25 16:49:33 UTC 2022

On 25/03/2022 12.34, gcxyw1314 wrote:
> Are you talking about question 2?

I mean these questions:

> Some questions to try to narrow the issue down:
> Can you please try whether the same happens with the current git master branch instead of 7.3 (run "make distclean" first after switching branches), and if so, submit a more detailed error output to, with the expiration date set to "never"?
> What does your autogen.input look like? Or if you're not using that, what options are you passing to `./`?
> This is on CentOS 7.7, aarch64 architecture, right?
> Can you share the file `config.log` from your build directory?
>> But I am No modification method was found above, so I compiled on 7.06 and didn't encounter this error,
> Where does that patch come from? Is there a related Bugzilla issue it is attached to?


> Also, did the patch you mention change anything (or was the error just the same before)? 
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