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Mon May 16 22:31:25 UTC 2022

Hello Chris,

Good to hear that you are expanding your LibreOffice book!

Please take a look at this description from the OpenOffice Wiki:


"STOC" stands for Standard Office (Uno) Components. "STOC" implements 
that basic binary Uno components, which are

* the coreflection,
* the defaultregistry,
* the implementation registration,
* the introspection,
* the invocation,
* the invocation adapterfactory,
* the Java component loader,
* the Java VM loader,
* the shared library component loader,
* the naming service,
* the proxy factory,
* the registry based type description provider,
* the security manager,
* the standard service manager,
* the simple registry,
* the type description provider manager,
* the type conversion, and
* the URI managers.


On 16.05.2022 18:12, Chris Sherlock wrote:
>> On 17 May 2022, at 2:05 am, Chris Sherlock 
>> <chris.sherlock79 at> wrote:
>> I’ve finally got some time to keep writing my Inside LibreOffice 
>> book. It has been very slow going, but a labour of love.
>> Currently I am looking at the stoc module (aka the Registries, 
>> reflections and introspection module for UNO). My question is: what 
>> actually uses this? I don’t see any global headers, and apart from a 
>> module called qadevooo I can’t see anything that seems to actually use 
>> it.
>> Any info greatly appreciated!
>> Chris
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> Ok, I think I’m about to answer my own question, but is the actual
> implementation of done in stoc?
> Also, what does stoc stand for?
> Chris

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