Accessing main window menus during C++ test run

Xisco Fauli xiscofauli at
Thu May 26 08:11:08 UTC 2022

Hello Colomban,

The UItest framework [1] uses UNO commands to interact with the UI. 
However, Markus also evaluated the accessibility approach when he 
implemented it. You can read more in I 
hope it helps.



On 25/5/22 19:16, Colomban Wendling wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I'm trying to interact with the UI in a CppUnit test, or more 
> specifically with the accessible objects representing it, as part of 
> the CppUnit accessibility unit tests project I'm working on.
> I have no trouble reaching the top window or document, but most UI 
> around the document seem empty, and specifically in the current area 
> I'm pursuing right now: the menus.  I can get a hold of the menubar, 
> but it has no children whatsoever.  Same goes for e.g. the statusbar.
> I even tried hacking around VCL's Menu class to see whether it was the
> accessible objects I was lacking, but no, barely any menu items are
> constructed for my test runs, whereas a whole lot of them are during a 
> normal run, as expected.
> What I do to create my test windows don't seem too odd to me: I'm 
> calling XDesktop2::loadComponentFromURL(), where the instance comes 
> from 
> frame::Desktop::create(test::BootstrapFixture::mxComponentContext) -- 
> same goes trying to use UnoApiTest::mxDesktop::loadComponentFromURL().
> My naive expectation was that I'd get a full-featured window with the
> corresponding document, but apparently I only get a mock or subset of 
> the actual UI.
> So, is there a way to get a full-featured UI in a test, and how? Or to 
> load specific parts of the UI on demand, so to have the same behavior 
> a normal run would have?
> Currently I'm working with Writer, but any component would be fine for 
> now, and ideally I'd have a solution for all of them; but any one 
> would be a good enough start :)
> BTW I know I could perform actions sending UNO commands, but here I'm 
> really more interested in the UI elements behavior and accessibility 
> than the commands they trigger, so that's not a solution.
> I'd be very glad to get any pointers that could help, thanks!
> Regards,
> Colomban Wendling

Xisco Faulí
LibreOffice QA Team
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