Packaging a template set into an Extension

Kevin Suo suokunlong at
Sat Oct 1 10:47:10 UTC 2022

Dear Community:

I am trying to package several templates (i.e., a template set) into an 
extension, so that others can install this extension and have these 
templates installed all at once rather than copy-paste those ott files 
one by one manually into the <instdir>/user/templates folder.

I have the following files in the folder:

$ tree . . ├── description.xml ├── META-INF │   └── manifest.xml ├── 
mimetype ├── Paths.xcu └── template     ├── 

And I zip these as chinese_template.oxt. After I install the oxt, the 
extension shows up in the extension manager, but the template files are 
not shown in the Template Manager dialog. I don't know where I did it 
wrong. I searched the internet and did not get an answer yet.

Could someone please help me?

I have uploaded the contents of the above files into my Nextcloud shared 
folder (with upload and editing permissions, so that you can edit them 
or add new files):

Thank you in advance!

Kevin Suo
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