Comparion of LogicalFontInstance::ImplGetGlyphBoundRect() between platforms

Chris Sherlock chris.sherlock79 at
Sat Oct 15 11:13:23 UTC 2022

> On 15 Oct 2022, at 8:12 pm, Chris Sherlock <chris.sherlock79 at> wrote:
> I've done some testing of LogicalFontInstance::GetGlyphBoundRect(). Each platform seems to give different values!
> The commit in gerrit is:

So an update… after I shifted to using Liberation Sans as the font face and added gb_CppunitTest_use_more_fonts the only platform that varies is MacOS.

Test name: VclLogicalFontInstanceTest::testglyphboundrect
equality assertion failed
- Expected: 7x9@(0,-8)
- Actual  : 7x10@(0,-8)

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