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Siddharth Khattar skhattar111 at
Thu Oct 20 10:06:52 UTC 2022

So I was going through the crazy ideas list for LibreOffice at .
When I came to the idea "AOT Compilation for Java Libraries used by
LibreOffice" , there was this line as the first disadvantage ->
"Feasibility: Is it even possible to use AOT compiled Java Libraries in a
C++ compiled executable? Couldn't find a definite answer. "

What does this line mean? Can't AOT compilation be used for all Java
Libraries? Also, does LibreOffice use Java Libraries to further compile
their functions into C++ executable? I don't understand what it meant to
say at all to be honest.

Also, the last disadvantage -> "May reduce motivation to move from Java

Why does LibreOffice want to move on from Java? Will it depend entirely on
C++ instead then? Is this also a crazy/ambitious idea? Is it somewhat
related to the "Replace Mozilla Rhino with Mozilla's SpiderMonkey or
Google's V8" idea as it also wants to remove Java as a dependency for
executing JavaScript extensions? Or is that a completely seperate idea?

Thanks for reading/answering my long question!
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