(was: ESC meeting minutes: 2022-10-20)

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at redhat.com
Fri Oct 21 09:29:14 UTC 2022

On 20/10/2022 16:29, Miklos Vajna wrote:
> * BoD asks whether we can re-evaluate LOOL atticisation (Stephan/Xisco)
>    + criteria is "see if there are 3 devs with non-trivial commits at 
> <https://github.com/freeonlineoffice/online>", see 
> <https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/TDF/Policies/Attic>
>    + git shortlog -s -n --since "3 months ago" --grep="collabora" 
> --invert-grep
>     244  andreasma
>      13  Skyler Grey (*)
>      10  Marco Marinello
>       4  Julius Härtl (*)
>       2  genofire (*)
>       1  Bayram Çiçek (*)
>       1  ChrisGlad (*)
>       1  Gabriel Masei (*)
>       1  Tushar (*)
>       * also in COOL
>    + cloned the repo, checked the # of commits (Xisco)
>      + excluded Collabora emails, above is the list
>      + then executed the same in collaboraonline/online.git
>      + diff is: Andreas and Marco
>        + don't know if that can count
>    + didn't look into it in detail (Stephan)
>    + did you check what are these commits about? (Kendy)
>      + real fixes? or cherry-picks without keeping authorship? or renames?
>      + would be good to know if they are substantial
>      + didn't check, the first criteria is already not matching (Xisco)
> AI: double-check Xisco's take & pass it to the board (Stephan)
> => no objections with this as a statement from the ESC (all)

So I checked the above numbers again and can confirm the 244 + 10 = 254 
commits by Andreas and Marco being the only ones not also present at 

Furthermore, I stripped down those 254 commits down to 76 interesting 
ones with

> git log --author=maand at gmx.de --author=Marinello --grep=adapt -i --invert-grep --no-merges 61d82524f6a68c7af3f7129e1e7f2ec4cfe3b245^..2cdb197bd54308a596b6969a184cae67f43929e4 ':(glob,exclude)**/.gitignore' ':(glob,exclude)**/.gitattributes' ':(glob,exclude)**/.eslintignore' ':!.github' ':!browser/package.json' ':(glob,exclude)**/*.tar' ':!browser/po'

(excluding: adaptions of commits cherry-picked from COOL, commits only 
affecting the project's infrastructure files, commits only affecting 
what looks like 3rd-party tar files, and commits only affecting the 
translation that appears to be bulk-copied from COOL).  Those 76 commits 
appear to be concerned for a very large part with rather trivial cleanup 
(LOOL vs. COOL naming issues, dead code removal):

> /data/sbergman/github.com/freeonlineoffice/online git log --oneline --author=maand at gmx.de --author=Marinello --grep=adapt -i --invert-grep --no-merges 61d82524f6a68c7af3f7129e1e7f2ec4cfe3b245^..2cdb197bd54308a596b6969a184cae67f43929e4 ':(glob,exclude)**/.gitignore' ':(glob,exclude)**/.gitattributes' ':(glob,exclude)**/.eslintignore' ':!.github' ':!browser/package.json' ':(glob,exclude)**/*.tar' ':!browser/po'
> f1af114f4 Array literal notation
> 94778ce3a Add libnss3-dev as dependency, explicitly set x permissions for loolmount
> 05b46935a Remove outdated css file w2ui-1.5.rc1.css
> fb48fd382 Remove outdated rc1 of w2ui-1.5
> 211f15700 Add w2ui-1.5.js and w2ui-1.5.css files
> a345d8844 Use w2ui-1.5 final instead of the rc1
> 2fa1b3c00 Switch to trademark-free variable names
> 291822807 Add missing full stop
> 0b34d3208 Name fix
> dfe0da423 fix url
> 6c2dc9737 Update eslint to version 8.23.1
> f7e353401 Update npm-shrinkwrap.json.in
> 6339855e8 Go with naming to Lool
> d873434c7 Change naming to FrOO
> 7108436ae Change naming to LO for constancy
> 1f3200131 Revert "Change to LO"
> b75708904 Revert "Remove old file"
> e545bae93 Remove old file
> a6cb67b80 Change to LO
> 1d14a134e Updated file header
> 8a73e454b Handle some defaults for the build
> 4b4d21612 Default to nightly as long as we build on top of master
> b2f27b921 Give more accurate instructions directly in the outupt
> 367b050e0 Fixed typo in LibreOffice
> f3af6ce88 Change naming
> 93fc8c9be Implemented various enhancements for docker script
> 8260e792a We do not provide binaries, drop the "from-packages" directory
> 9608c1ecb Use the naming "lok" for the webkit messaging for the iOS and the gtk app too
> d89e181c7 Fix title
> 4095b9509 ios: register the script message handler as 'lok', not 'lool'
> bfae6959d Improve the configure options in the online repository
> dc25c3371 Fix loolwsd numbering
> c394d92b8 Use vanilla LibreOfficeKit includes from master
> 1d2fa2a69 Remove not needed ConfigMigrationAssistant
> 347f7eee8 Do not build the not useful ConfigMigrationAssistant for LibreOffice Online
> e83d4b5f7 Remove not used Poco:File
> f8aaf64a3 Remove not necessary code, because there is no need to migrate the loolconfiguration
> 4b769d432 add loolstress to the rpm package of LibreOffice Online
> 594d752cf No need for compatibility with lool here
> 4cd506b9c No need for compatibility entries to lool, because this is lool, the original
> f02b786c2 Remove not necessary command, because lool remains lool
> 2944e0096 Move from cool to lool
> 35eb77f55 remove not necessary command
> 3d0103b10 kill dupes
> d8c02e622 Remove not used mailmap
> c03a4ccef Remove not used file AUTHORS
> 06ed354d6 Remove not necessary file
> 6624f40e0 Fix naming
> de778d772 First version
> a338c4e68 Remove old file
> 372210ee5 start work on Debian package
> c10c40751 Fix svg references in css files
> 50317433d Renaming
> 6b924d639 Renaming
> 9ccaf66ba Remove unused code and naming fixes
> 3191bfb42 Update npm-shrinkwrap.json.in with current package updates
> 7b429efa8 Change docker_hub_tag
> 6079cfd6f Update gitignore and fix naming in Makefile
> 4694b1a0d Update npm-shrinkwrap.json.in after package updates
> f16d3d9c7 Fix typo
> 5a767773c Update the shrinkpack list
> 100ad8f06 COOL --> LOOL
> 87a173ab8 naming fix
> bd59e3d14 cool* --> lool*
> e258cb28f cool --> lool
> 2907dac38 coolwsd --> loolwsd
> 3a5b6279f fix naming of shrinkpacked packages
> 10eae8898 update with changes from npm shrinkwrap run
> 0aca6662e fix archive file naming for vex.js
> da246a04e fix archive file naming for xtend
> 344b3a8b5 fix npm-shrinkwrap.json.in for new directory for shrinkpacked packages
> beb7d019c naming fix
> 1343bbb6e strip core binaries from docker to make the image not too big
> 3e4644b46 make the version string more beautiful
> 119be6527 fix naming
> 1ebcd9b1e Remove example which currently not work

This confirms the statement that LOOL currently misses the 
deatticisation requirements of "3 devs with non-trivial commits".


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