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Paolo Vecchi paolo.vecchi at documentfoundation.org
Sat Oct 22 11:28:26 UTC 2022

Hi Chris,

On 22/10/2022 13:15, Chris Sherlock wrote:
> On 22 Oct 2022, at 9:36 pm, Paolo Vecchi 
> <paolo.vecchi at documentfoundation.org> wrote:
>> Hi Noel,
>> On 22/10/2022 08:27, Noel Grandin wrote:
>>> On Fri, 21 Oct 2022 at 23:32, Andreas Mantke <maand at gmx.de> wrote:
>>>     The whole action was driven by members of the board with a
>>>     (potential?)
>>>     Conflict of Interest (CoI) on just this topic.
>>> This is just another way of attempting to exclude everybody you 
>>> disagree with.
>>> The way you define COI, everybody involved with LibreOiffce has a 
>>> conflict of interest, so nobody should be commenting.
>> Andreas actually didn't define what a CoI is, laws and regulations do.
> Hi Paolo,
> So that I can understand correctly, and as an outside party, are you 
> alleging there *was* a conflict of interest in the actions taken by 
> members of the Board?

I'm not all alleging anything at all.

I've simply described an hypothetical situation and reported an article 
I've recently read reporting the changes happening in the US market 
where having directors shared with multiple organisation with different 
interests seemed to be the norm.

There have been long, and still ongoing, discussions where different 
points of view have been shared and I've simply shared mine.

Being the president of a non profit association I know what rules I have 
to apply where I live but other countries might have slightly different 

> Chris


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