I need to set EUR / English for the Eurozone

Marc Marc at f1-outsourcing.eu
Tue Oct 25 09:28:40 UTC 2022

> >>
> >>> Check new windows versions they have Europe / English / EUR
> >>
> >> Setting language to English(Ireland) will give you English/Euro.
> >
> >
> > Then I am stuck with converting all settings to metric.
> It's unclear why you think you have to convert to metric.
> The Republic of Ireland is an EU (Euro Zone) state that uses the metric
> system by default.
> You can set measurements to your own preferences regardless of the
> language used.

I already have a . as decimal separator so that does not work. I know these Microsoft designers are shit in many areas but the English/Europe is nice to have. Maybe there is even a definition published by the European union. 
I just want to change one setting and do not have to check or worry about different date formating, sperators, timezones or what ever. I am not even in Ireland nor the UK. So there are two options, English/EU or English for every European country.

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