Pb with incremental build on Windows

Julien Nabet serval2412 at yahoo.fr
Sun Sep 11 18:56:40 UTC 2022


It was several months ago I hadn't built on Windows and I've just 
stumbled again (but it's always been the case for me when building on 
Windows) on the incremental build pb.

Indeed, building LO on Windows first time is ok but when updating local 
repo, in most cases, a plain "make" isn't enough to build.

In these cases, I got an error message indicating a missing symbol or 
something resembling, so I do a "make <module corresponding to the 
location of symbol>.clean" and run another "make".

Generally, I must do this for different modules and it can be quite 
long, so long that several times, I prefered running "make clean && make".

This time, the build could finish butI had an extra pb: when launching 
LO it segfaulted.

So I finally did a "make clean && make" and it worked.

Did I miss something or any idea to avoid this? Is it a pb of Cygwin? 
Visual Studio? make? gbuild? Other?



(I'm building master sources on Windows 10 with Cygwin updated 2 days 
ago + Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022 updated 2 days ago too).

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