Maintaining building external/coinmp on Windows

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Fri Sep 16 12:46:43 UTC 2022

On 16/09/2022 13:25, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
> But I have no idea what to do with that file, and neither 
> external/coinmp/README nor 
> <!/> "Add CoinMP external as an alternative to lpsolve" (which introduced the file) give a hint.  :(

as discussed on #libreoffice-dev:

> Sep 16 14:04:09 <sberg>	kendy, vmiklos, Matus Kukan is no longer with collabora? (got a bounce when I put him in CC at <> "Maintaining building external/coinmp on Windows")
> Sep 16 14:05:19 <vmiklos>	sberg: i think he left Collabora like 5 years ago..
> Sep 16 14:10:52 <vmiklos>	sberg: is that using autotools as the upstream build system? i wonder if it would work to build a static lib on windows using that, e.g. libepubgen works that way quite nicely, using solenv/gcc-wrappers/
> Sep 16 14:12:11 <sberg>	vmiklos, I don't feel too inclined to look into that mess, actually :)  I've meanwhile found another fix around my issue that doesn't require bumping CoinMP, but I think we're in generally in quite a bad position if we have no idea how to keep our externals maintained...
> Sep 16 14:14:54 <vmiklos>	sberg: yes, i see the problem. i think the vs project patch is not a good approach, either we just build using autotools even on Windows (e.g. libepubgen does this) or we should build the project with gbuild (we do this for many externals where the upstream build system is something we don't want to invoke, e.g. cmake). but both require a bit of time to set up, so i'm not volunteering to jump on 
> Sep 16 14:15:00 <vmiklos>	it right now

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