Easy to do, great feature. Suggestion.

Matthew Parker matthewparker1 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 00:16:47 UTC 2022

Hi. My name is Matt. I use Calc a lot. I have a great idea. First, I
usually modify my spreadsheets to improve them. They are complex. But I
have a few versions of one type, e.g. "Schematic" which is a schematic of
my solar generator installations which has tables that calculate power
yields and wot not. One version is for large jobs, one for small jobs, one
for single phase, one for 3 phase. It just saves me time to pull up the
version most applicable to customise for a particular solar system. So when
I modify one I modify the other versions too. Now, while I was copying
blocks of cells and pasting them into other versions I also had to correct
cross referenced cells to some of the formulas in other pages of the
spreadsheet. So there I was clicking a cell, then the = and then I had to
click the other sheet and click on the required cell. This back and forth
from one sheet to another was awkward whereas copying from a separate
spreadsheet altogether was easy as they were both on screen at the same
time. So if more than one sheet of the same spreadsheet could be viewed
side by side at the same time, it will make cross referencing cells between
sheets a whole lot faster. And if desired, if more than one sheet is open
at a time then perhaps the copy and paste will acknowledge the cells in the
other sheet(s) and not try to ref the cells in the origin spreadsheet.

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