[Libreoffice-qa] Win releases git repository

Mike Kaganski mikekaganski at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 1 14:00:00 UTC 2023

On 01.04.2023 16:45, Mike Kaganski wrote:
> 2. I believe we can just have *major* releases, without point releases. 
> I.e.,;;;;; ...
> Because when we bibisect, we do it to do the following bisection in the 
> specific repo; so the branch point is the only interesting thing. 
> is not useful for the bibisect; and avoiding these could 
> possibly keep some space.

... And then, maybe we would be able to keep the extensions? Because 
removal of those prevents one from bisecting, say, problems in solvers, 
or in grammar checking.

Best regards,
Mike Kaganski

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