2023 GSOC Application

peter frane peter.frane at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 15:29:50 UTC 2023

To whom it may concern,

I'm interested in contributing to your projects through the 2023 GSOC.

My name is Peter Frane (IRC nick PeterF). I'm an editor by profession and a
freelance programmer.

The projects I'm interested in are under the 'Ideas without a mentor':

Specifically, these ones:

*Subpixel and stable glyph positioning tdf#103322*

I had previously written an open-source library (
https://reformath.webnode.page/) that uses subpixel glyph positioning. This
library is available under both Windows (GDI) and Linux. I had already
browsed the Writer source codes involved, but still have some questions. I
am going to apply my deep knowledge of Windows GDI and fonts to fix this

*Support multicoloured font formats tdf#104403 tdf#105488*
I have in-depth knowledge of the OpenType font format. I have written an
OpenType to Woff converter and vice versa. Both are available at my GitHub
page. I am also very familiar with SVG. I am very familiar with fonts and
graphics rendering, although, admittedly, I have not used the SVG feature
of OpenType.

*Implement Quattro Pro Import filter*
Although I have not used Quattro Pro in years, I'm interested in this
project because I like tinkering with file formats. Some formats that I
know include Corel's WordPerfect (I used to have the documentation because
I tried to convert it to XML back in the day), MS RTF, Adobe PDF and
PostScript (I have written a library for both: a PDF writer and a
PostScript interpreter), TeX/LateX DVI/VF/TFM (I have written a program
that converts a DVI file to SVG and PDF), graphics (BMP, EMF/WMF, PBM, PPM,
SVG, PS/EPS), fonts (Type1 and OpenType; I have written a Type1 font
subsetter and a WOFF converter for OpenType). Most of my programs are open
source and available at my GitHub page.

*Implement MathType 4+ import filter*
I am familiar with and have studied the old MathType file format, but not
the new one. The old one is an OLE object that wraps a WMF file that, in
turn, contains some EPS code. As mentioned above, I know WMF and EPS, so
all I need to do is study this new MathType format, which, I believe, is
properly documented by Design Science (now Wiris).

*My proposed project: EPS reader/interpreter*
If you still need an EPS interpreter, even if it just supports a subset of
the language, I have made available the source code of my interpreter on my
GitHub page. I am willing to integrate it into LibreOffice if you will
accept me to work for you.

I would like to discuss all of these in an interview.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


Peter Frane, Jr.

P.S. My GitHub page is at https://github.com/pgfjr?tab=repositories.
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