[libreoffice-marketing] Re: [libreoffice-design] Moving to LibreOffice 8?

Eyal Rozenberg eyalroz1 at gmx.com
Thu Apr 6 08:08:09 UTC 2023

Gustavo, it seems that what you're saying is that the _reality_ is a bit 
"boring" - a long sequence of minor releases without a 
fundamental/breakthrough change; and there is a desire to make it more 
interesting/exciting using a major version bump.

That is exactly what I'm opposing. Let's assume that the real situation 
is "boring" (I'm not sure that's the case, but still) and that, indeed, 
the changes since 7 are not fundamental enough to merit a version bump 
on their own (and I realize this is not in consensus either). In this 
state of affairs, evoking artificial interest in a new major version 
without substance behind it is a _marketing trick_, a psychological 
manipulation. One could even say it's mis-informing our users. It hurts 
user trust. Sure, it's not terrible to play with version numbers, but - 
I don't think that's something our users, current and potential, would 
like us to do.

"I guess the message of this version could be consolidation" - but what 
is consolidated about the code right now as opposed to 7.5 ?

Remember also, that as time progresses - an office suite's rate of 
change decreases. It is to be expected that major versions become 
farther between, and the release cycle becomes more "boring". Your 
reasoning, and this fact, combine to result in major version number 
inflation, which is the other thing I was cautioning about.


On 06/04/2023 0:05, Gustavo Buzzatti Pacheco wrote:
> Hi Eyal, all!
>   I also respectfully disagree with you on some points. ;D
>   I like the idea to move to 8, even with no big technical innovation 
> (if we have, for sure it will be better).
>   IMHO, long sequences of minor releases (7.6, in the current case) are 
> getting boring and not important for the users (for both enterprise and 
> individual profiles).
>   I'm not saying that we should embrace the Firefox approach, but 
> thinking about Italo's idea (8 <-> infinite), I guess the message of 
> this version could be consolidation, not exactly innovation.
> Best
> Gustavo
> On Tue, Mar 28, 2023 at 4:23 AM Eyal Rozenberg <eyalroz1 at gmx.com 
> <mailto:eyalroz1 at gmx.com>> wrote:
>     I respectfully disagree with Italo.
>     First, about the "frame of reference". In my opinion, decisions such as
>     major version number bumping are not, first and foremost, marketing
>     decisions. That is a _consideration_, since the version number is
>     declarative than technical. But - such an action should be "truthful"
>     before being "marketable".
>     It is more important, in my opinion, that users and potential users
>     receive trustworthy signaling from the project - not just w.r.t.
>     version
>     numbers, but generally - than for the media to get a gimmick for
>     coverage.
>     A second point is that bumping a version number without a major
>     innovation moves you a few more steps into the category of, say,
>     Firefox
>     and such, where versions just increase automatically with no meaning
>     whatsoever. Italo, you said we are perceived as a "real innovator";
>     well, when a real innovator starts having hollow version number
>     bumping,
>     that perception fades.
>     Finally, everyone who likes the marketing potential of version 8 -
>     great, but - keep that benefit for when we have a significant step
>     forward to celebrate. Don't squander it.
>     Eyal
>     PS:  availability on a new platform is not a reason to bump a version
>     number. It's the "same" software, but built for another target, so same
>     version as before. IMHO anyway.
>     On 27/03/2023 20:11, Italo Vignoli wrote:
>      > Moving to LibreOffice 8 (instead of 7.6) makes sense for marketing
>      > purposes, as media is looking at LibreOffice as the real
>     innovator in
>      > the open source office suite market, and the feeling of
>     journalists is
>      > that we are forever stuck at 7.x.
>      >
>      > We all know that the next version will not include any significant
>      > innovation which can justify the change of version, apart from
>     the new
>      > build system for Windows and the availability of LibreOffice for Arm
>      > processors on Windows (which has not been announced).
>      >
>      > Playing with the number 8, which can be rotated 90° to become the
>      > "infinite" symbol, we can frame the next version as LibreOffice
>     for an
>      > infinite number of users, as we cover all hardware platforms and all
>      > operating systems for personal productivity.
>      >
>      > This is my opinion. If the community wants to stick with 7.6, I
>     won't
>      > insist. I have received enough insults both public and private
>     for the
>      > marketing plan, and I am still receiving them from a few people,
>     that I
>      > am not willing to enter into that process again (even if the
>     decision on
>      > the "community" tag has not been mine, but it looks like people
>     have a
>      > very short memory).
>      >
>      > Looking forward to your thoughts.
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